Apply today to become an in-home caregiver at Sunlight Senior Care! Caregiver jobs are currently available in Lincoln and Omaha, NE.

Sunlight Senior Care provides clients and their families with programs and services across a full care continuum. As a caregiver, you will make an impact in the lives of seniors and their families, helping them age in the comfort of their own home and know that you made one family’s life less stressful.

Because of you, children and grandchildren will be able to focus on being with their loved one rather than focusing on their daily needs. Our clients and their families are our main focus, but we also concentrate on the well-being and happiness of our caregivers.

Caregiver requirements:

  • Face-to-face interview
  • Competency tests
  • Background checks – including DMV driving records and criminal history
  • Qualification review
  • Multiple professional and personal reference checks
  • Orientation training
  • Continued education
  • Staff meetings
  • Undergo regular compliance and performance reviews


Caregiver benefits:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Incentives and bonuses
  • Awards and recognition
  • Client/Caregiver match
  • The reward of making a positive impact in the lives of others