In this episode of the Aging in America Podcast we talk about Baby Boomer Career Tips! We interview Cindy Heider-Kaliff, the founder of Career Life Options and co-founder of Boomer-ANG. Cindy has been a specialized practitioner for 20 years. In the world of work and personal growth, she has the wisdom and savvy to help you unlock and manage your “intellectual property” — so your hopes can be realized and your soul can be soothed. She specializes in helping Baby Boomers repurpose their career – whether through vocation, vacation, or volunteering.

This episode dives into some of the questions that people have when they’re facing a career transition after age 55. She also addresses the common myths that Baby Boomers have about their skill sets. She’s a self-titled career shaman, helping you heal from job loss, career set backs and the paralyzation of career indecision.

In this episode about Baby Boomer Career Tips you will learn:

  • What it means to be a “working worried”
  • How many jobs you may have in a lifetime
  • How a resume can be a “passport”
  • Common myths about finding a new job after age 50
  • Different workshops available to help you transition
  • Why you must embrace the grief process in a job transition
  • A new movement called “Voluntourism” and “Vocation Vacation”
  • The definition of the “silver tsunami”
  • The two skills baby boomers do better than any other generation

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