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Is Sunlight Senior Care going to be available for me or my loved ones as our needs change?

Yes, and that is exactly why we created our care continuum.  We understand that your life is not static…it’s dynamic.  Because of this, we have invested heavily in internal resources geared towards a long-term relationship with you and your family.  Our internal staff are trained and supported in their quest to earn your trust.  We want to know about you and how you are doing.  Many of our resources that we have available make it easy for you to share your story with us.  We are also developing a proprietary social network that will allow people in your circle to know about how you are doing as well and share with us the journey that you are on.

Is Sunlight Senior Care more than just a community referral source?

Absolutely. Sunlight Senior Care engages in a full care continuum.  We handle, directly, all aspects of Caregiving and Companionship; Home Modification; Security and Technology; Home Medical Equipment delivery, installation and reimbursement when applicable; Senior Move Management; and we have Additional Support for you and the rest of the family with our Legal plans and Financial Planning packages.  We want Sunlight Senior Care to be the first and last solution that you need to search when looking for all things Age in Place related.

Why is Aging in Place (at home) important?

When we get older, health and mobility problems tend to be episodic, chronic and progressive. Most organized senior housing (nursing home, assisted living, independent living) facilities are organized to care for folks at certain levels of need. Often times, this care is too much or too little for a specific individual. When a person is thrust into an environment which promotes a generic level of care, then this person is usually required to move multiple times. Moving multiple times between care facilities is often disorienting, disturbing and highly undesirable. These moves not only affect the individual but also their family members. Studies have shown that over 80% of individuals over age 45 say they would rather remain in their own homes even when they need assistance. In addition, national polls taken reveal that older folks fear losing their independence by about 8 times as much as they fear death. Anything that we can do to help our elders remain independent……just feels right and is right!

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in place is the ability to stay in one’s home even when age-related or health-related changes may make it difficult to do so.


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