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Hiring a Caregiver for In Home Care and Companionship


Senior Care is one of the fastest growing services that makes aging in place a reality. Whether you’re looking for someone to help your loved one with daily tasks, companionship, home safety, or more, in home care for elders has many benefits, including:

  1. Independence: By hiring a senior caregiver, your loved one will feel independent as they remain in the place that is within their control, unlike an assisted living or nursing facility. With a range of services available, your loved one also has the control and ability to lead a meaningful, independent life. These in home care service range from medication reminders to assistance with daily tasks, chores, nutrition, meal preparation, and errands.
  1. Comfort of home: The same place has been used to host holiday gatherings, family events, along with their favorite recliner, kitchen table, and more are what we think of when we think of home. In home care keeps the things they love within arms reach, boosting morale and effectiveness.
  1. Personalized care: No two seniors are alike. Our caregivers will take the time to learn everything we can about your particular situation and design a plan that meets your goals. This can range from companionship to a number of other tasks.
  1. Family Support: The strength of the Sunlight Support care network extends beyond the caregiver relationship. A solution provider within the company is committed to including your family in the process and keeping everyone in the loop regarding status, changes, and more. Through an online tool, our families can check in regularly regarding the care of their loved ones, and offer feedback as needed.
  1. Peace of Mind: When you work with Sunlight Support, you’re doing more than answering a need. You’re ensuring peace of mind for yourself and your family. No need to worry about the safety or well-being of grandma or grandpa. With children, a full time job, and other external responsibilities, life can be very busy. We are pleased to make this a seamless process that helps you regain control and decrease stress, while connecting more with your aging loved one as a son, daughter, relative, or friend, rather than a full time caregiver.

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