Customers trust Sunlight Support for their Senior Care needs. We’re very thankful for great clients and caregivers that make it possible for us to help others! 

Just wanted you to know that we are very pleased with your agency. Dad liked all the caregivers and we are very satisfied with the care he received. Also, we are thrilled at the housekeeping that was completed. Thank you all so much.

– Nancy

I’d like to thank you for taking our life schedules into consideration when doing the schedules.  Definitely makes me want to stay with Sunlight Support! I just want you to know how much I appreciate you, and all that you do. Others talk about how great you are as well. I’ve never worked under such great management!

– Amanda

I just started with Sunlight Support, and they have chosen a perfectly perfect person for my needs! My caregiver is friendly and on-time. She stays busy the whole time I’m here, and always asks if there is anything more I need before she leaves. From day one, she did her job as if she’d been working here for several months. She has no problem doing what needs to get done and is very professional. Thank you!!

– Timothy

Sunlight Support has been an incredible choice for our family. From the minute we realized that our mother needed full-time care, myself and the rest of the staff have gone out of their way to provide excellent caregivers, not only on short notice, but also with great thought and consideration to my mother’s medical, physical, and emotional needs. Our situation is complex and occasionally critical, and the staff consistently responds quickly, appropriately, and with thoughtful kindness. I honestly don’t know how we would survive without them!

– Susan M.

Throughout months of complications following serious back surgery in the summer of 2014, my sister in Denver finally became unable to live safely on her own. She and I agreed she needed to move to assisted living in Austin so that I could be more easily on hand to help her. However, my job prevented me from traveling to Denver to help her move for a couple of months. I learned about Sunlight Senior Care Services online. They were quickly able to set up home care for her for a few hours per day. I no longer had to worry about her not being able to do chores, go to medical appointments. Also important, I knew she would have some helpful human companionship each day. She enjoyed their company and appreciated their assistance immensely. Her Solution Provider was particularly personable, reliable, and useful, according to my sister. I wish Sunlight Support was available in Texas!

– Catherine R.

I just want to thank you for your great staff and care!  Mom loved the girls that came to her house. Thank you, again, Jody, for all your help with our mom’s home care.  We really appreciate you all and will gladly call you again when warranted.

– Carrie

My caregiver is so great, great, great! I’ve asked her to marry me three times but she says no. I still love her. I would love to keep her as my caregiver. I just love Sunlight Support. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

– Thomas

I have two caregivers from Sunlight Support and they’re both lovely women. I have only good things to say about them. I could not ask for more perfect people. They’re great. They’re wonderful women.

– Deb