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4 Tips for Moving an Elderly Parent

The home environment is a critical piece of our happiness. We want our loved ones to stay in their homes as they age, but sometimes the home is too big for their needs. Or perhaps the yard is too large to tend, or the home needs significant modifications to be safe for daily living.
Whether your loved one is downsizing or simply moving to a home environment that is better suited to their needs, the moving process can be stressful. We’ve worked with many families to make the moving process easier – in fact, we even launched a service specifically for that reason (See Senior Move Management Services).
Our team has put together these four tips to make the process of moving an elderly parent much easier:

1. Talk it out.

Our homes carry a lot of significance in our lives. Leaving the house where they raised their children, started a business, or entertained grandkids can be both emotional and stressful. Expect some hesitation about the move, and think about what you may say in advance.

2. Plan Effectively

Before you jump into sorting and organizing belongings and heirlooms, it helps to take into account what your overall plan is.

  • How big is the new environment compared to the current living situation?
  • Do you have a floor plan available that you can use to map out where the furnishings might go? Don’t forget to include stored items such as family treasures, boxes of photos, etc on your list as well.
  • How much time have you devoted to this? Is it a few weeks? Or a month-long process?

Having a written plan helps everyone agree on priorities and workflow.

3. Enlist Help.

Relatives, moving companies, and businesses that specialize in downsizing and relocating (like Sunlight Senior Care) are all viable options. This is a large undertaking, so securing more resources than you think you need is a good place to start. Having family help, even if it’s just to help mom sort through her belonging to decide what to keep and what to sell, is important in creating a positive experience.

4. Pare Down.

This is where the actual sorting and organizing comes in. Go through the items, room by room, with your family, moving company, consultants, etc. Categorizing items makes the entire process easier:
• What needs to be moved?
• What needs to be given to other family members?
• What can be sold?
• What can be donated?
• What needs to be thrown out?
You may find yourself reminiscing as you go through these belonging, so feel free to share stories or memories about specific things. For the items you decide to sell, you may hold an estate auction or garage sale. If you work with Sunlight Senior Care, we take care of the sale as well, tagging, selling, and distributing the items you instructed us to.
Moving an elderly parent requires forethought, detailed planning, and communication. But it can be a positive and memorable experience that helps them enjoy their later years in their new environment.
If you have specific questions about senior move management, or helping your parents downsize their current home situation, call us at 866-430-1161 or send us an email at We’d be happy to help!


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