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What is Aging in Place?

Many people often ask, “What exactly does it mean to Age in Place?”
The answer is very simple. We want your parent or loved one to remain in their own home or dwelling of their choice for as long as it is medically possible as they continue to age! 
As we get older it often becomes more difficult to perform daily tasks on our own. It might be that your loved one isn’t able to prepare their own meals anymore, or possibly they have difficulty grooming, bathing, or toileting without assistance. Maybe it’s just a little harder to get around the house like mom used to.
We want seniors to be able to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and help them with these types of tasks. After all, that’s why Sunlight Senior Care exists. We want your mother and father to stay where they are comfortable in their own surroundings, in the home where you may have been raised and where your family celebrates the holidays each year. We want your loved one to sleep each night in the home that they worked hard for over the years to build and fill with memories.

Adult Children Caught In the Middle

Often times as our family members age and begin having problems performing daily tasks of living, they rely on their children or other family members to help with the tasks they are no longer able to perform.   This often times creates stress and tension for the family. There are several reasons why Sunlight Senior Care can be your solution! We want you to be able to enjoy the time that you are able to spend with your loved one. Often times children no longer live near their parents or work full-time and aren’t able to be there physically. Sunlight communicates with the family and offers a family support room where you can stay up to date on your relative’s daily care.

Is The Home Safe and/or Comfortable As You Age?

Another aspect of “Aging in Place” consists of home modification.  You need trusted, reliable contractors that can help make simple additions or changes to a home so that you can remain in your home for a longer period of time (we do this too). It could be as simple as installing rails near the toilet or widening a doorway for a walker or wheelchair. Or it could be a new walk-in shower or a ramp to get up stairs or a stairlift. Regardless of your needs, our team at Sunlight Senior Care can help.
We follow our motto: “To honor and respect individuals and their families by providing them the ability to live in their home and community safely, independently, and comfortably regardless of age or ability level.”
Do you have a friend or family member who is aging in place?

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