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How to Stay Independent While Aging

Giving up the house where you’ve celebrated holidays and made memories can be heartbreaking. Most want to stay in the comfort of their own home as they grow older. In this article, we’ll discuss what you should do to ensure you’re able to remain living there.

The first step is to update your home. Though you likely feel your house is perfect the way it is, aging may reveal challenges you haven’t yet experienced. A few small changes can ensure where you live is still comfortable while as safe as possible as you continue to grow older.
Rugs should have non-slip bottoms. Handrails in showers and near toilets can save you from falling in slippery areas. Also, make sure everyday items, like medication, are in easy-to-reach spots. 

Hire a caregiver. Many healthy, independent people hire them to ensure they stay that way. Caregivers are friendly professionals who can pick up the slack when certain tasks become difficult. Care is personalized to the individual. From cooking and cleaning to running errands, they can help with most necessary household tasks. They can even remind you to take your medication or bathe, if necessary, all while providing companionship. 

Continue doing what you can. Though having an extra set of hands is a relief, be sure to clean or cook alongside your caregiver, if possible. Don’t be afraid to pitch in. At Sunlight Senior Care, we believe you should do whatever you’re safely capable of for as long as you can to stay sharp. 

Remain physically active. Being healthy in terms of your mind and body can help you remain in your home longer. Walking and swimming are great, low-impact ways to stay in shape.

Take care of your brain. It’s easy to forget that brain health is just as important as physical health. Be kind to your mind by playing games and completing puzzles. Socialization and companionship are also important to being mentally healthy. 
Aging doesn’t have to rip you from your home. Taking these few small steps can ensure you’ll stay where you’re most comfortable as you grow older.

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